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Who likes people who go on about themselves? not us.
Let's take it step by step, shall we?

We do whatever it takes to catch and engage people online. +
Be it display media (banners), rich media (kick*** banners), social media, websites, videos and animations (yes, those ‘viral’ thingies), online games…+
… But before we jump into that, we like to ask why. Why a brand needs to tweet, why a brand needs (or doesn’t need) a ‘your-brand-ville’ … et cetera.+
It may not always be easy (or indeed, pleasant), but we try to understand the needs of the brand, and see how we can best fulfill them online+
Because we think all those things listed above are simply channels. And if the message is flawed or not compelling enough, it hardly matters which one we use+
So, we try to make sure whatever we do helps spread the right message to the right people in the best possible way+
Oh, and if you’re curious: ‘Digivaasi’ means digital natives. (Yes, like aadivasi.) Not digital experts, not social media gurus … just a bunch of folks who live in this medium and love to discover its new surprises, every single day+
Phew… enough about us, right? Now it’s your turn. Go on, the little guy on top is hanging on!
Prabhat, Chief Creative Officer

Chief Creative Officer

Rahul Bahuguna, COO/Technology Head

COO/Technology Head